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Pictures: Pictures make blog posts much more readable. Nancy does a great job using pictures on her blog which make the anecdotes of those crazy kids come to life. You will note that I have included several picture on this instruction page as well as in my blog post.

You can capture images a variety of ways but the blogging tool can accept images from:
  • Uploading from a saved file
  • From this blog
  • Form Picasa
  • From your phone
  • From your webcam
  • From a URL or web site
I will explain how to capture in image from an upload.To do this:
  1. Have the image file already saved on your computer.
  2. Place the cursor were you want the image to go. 
  3. Click the Picture tool
  4. Click Choose files.
  5. Locate and double-click the picture file on your computer.
  6. Click Add selected and the image appears where you had your cursor.
Once it is on your page, you can control its size and location by clicking on the image and selecting the option you want from the image tool bar that appears right next to the image.

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