Blog Rules

Yeah, there has to be some sort or rules or we wind up with the Wild West. So, here you go.
  1. This is not Face Book. Rather this is an attempt to share and archive stories at a single location. Use Face Book for the here and now stuff. Use this blog for stories.
  2. Truth is important but mostly elusive. We all remember events differently. So, do your best to tell your account to the best of your knowledge, but don't be alarmed if others add content to your recollections. In fact, this is one of the main points. The story only get better when others contribute.
  3. Be civil. If someone remembers the story differently, don't call them a liar. History can be cruel. We all make mistakes. This is not a forum to rip on someone for past offenses. However, there may be a need to tell of an incident that puts one in not so good of a light. Do so with tact and diplomacy. We want an honest history be let's be careful not to use honesty as a weapon
  4. I am the administrator of this page. I reserve the right to delete posts I feel are inappropriate. It is my goal never to do this. But, overtime, our pool of contributors may increase and there may be an occasion when someone decides to hurt someone else through a story. I will delete any story I deem purposely hurtful.
  5. All relatives are invited. I invite siblings, parents, grandparents, cousins, grandchildren, and step-relatives. However, I cannot see a need to have non-relatives to be contributors. If they what to share a story about our collective history, they can send it to you and you can post it. 
Each of these rules are open for debate.


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