Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Dad is alone with the kids!

A long time ago, I think I was about 7 or 8, my Mom went to a Relief Society Enrichment Night and left us children alone with Dad. We were having a grand old time, eating popcorn for dinner and jumping on the trampoline in the backyard. We even convinced Dad to join us on the Trampoline. I believe that Andrew was inside doing dishes but I have no memory where everyone else was.
As Dad and I were jumping on the trampoline he started to see if he could interrupt my bounce. Well, needless to say, it worked and if I remember right I was bounced off the trampoline and my arm got caught in the bar. I started screaming and crying. Dad flew off the trampoline and called for Andrew to bring a blanket to wrap my arm in.
Dad then rushed me to the Instacare or something close to that since I don't remember an actual E.R. This was a time before cell phones so Mom had no idea that I was hurt yet. While waiting for the Doctor to see me a nurse came out to write down what happened. They asked my Dad and I the same questions but I, being the emotional wreck that I was, told the nurse flat out that "My Dad broke my arm". Dad looked at me with a little panic in his eyes and clarified that I fell of the trampoline and it broke. After she finished asking the questions they took me back for an x-ray. My arm was indeed broken.

They didn't put my cast on until I think the next day. They wrapped my arm with a splint and sent me home. When we got home, Mom wasn't home yet so Dad let me sleep in the guest bedroom. I think I remember Mom coming home and her looking in on me and then talking to Dad to find out what happened. I know that she was there when the doctor set my arm and put the cast on it. But to this day I still say that my Dad broke my arm.


  1. Somehow, bad things always happened when I was gone!

  2. OK, there needs to be some corrections here. First, we used to have a game with all you kids while jumping on the tramp. You guys would jump up and just as you landed I would jump. That would cause you little kids to rocket towards the sky higher and you could on our own. You all loved the thrill of going way high. In this fateful night, you jumped, I jumped and you got twisted in the air making it impossible to land on your feet. Instead you landed on your arm and that is when it broke. I don't recall you falling off the tramp.

    I did miss the whole bone-setting thing, For that I am glad. But we did have quite the conversation with the nurse. You did say I broke your arm and I did say you feel on the tramp. The nurse finally believed me.

  3. I couldn't remember if I fell of the tramp or not. I knew I broke it on the tramp somehow. I guess in my mind it is a little more traumatizing!