Saturday, June 7, 2014

The Joy of Cub Scouts: Rocket Derby

One year, I think while I was a Bear, we did the Cub Scout Rocket Derby. Though not nearly as competitive and famous (or infamous) as the Pinewood Derby, it was way cool to create a rocket that would glide down a taut wire by a rubber band propeller. The best part of the Rocket Derby was that I could use this rocket at home.

At the time, Matt, Rod, and I ware sharing a room. Matt hated me and Rod. He hated me the most. Of course, I contributed to that hate by never cleaning up my room and my just being annoying.

As I mentioned earlier, Dad had concocted a bed system were Matt’s bed was suspended by a chain to the stud in the roof, my bed was atop two chest of drawers, and Rod’s bed rested on two huge drawers, perfect for toys, or for hiding from Matt.

Well, after the Rocket Derby, Matt and I connected two wires to the walls by our beds. One made a downhill slant form his bed to mine and the other went from my bed to his. We spent hours putting notes in the rocket and gliding it between our beds so we could read what the other had written. 

I think that was the only time Matt and I had fun without me getting hurt. So, I guess Scouting helped bring me and Matt together. Well, at least for an hour….

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