Sunday, November 23, 2014

Summer Camp at Blackhawk – The Aftermath

Well, with summer camp now behind us, we prided ourselves in surviving our adventures and in the process completing four out of five merit badges. The Camping merit badge requires a lot of nights that we knew we couldn’t meet on this activity. But they did add three nights to their total.

So, on paper, this was a great success. The boys were completely involved in the planning, preparation, and execution the camp. They learned skills that they had to use and they had great time in the process. We came back from this experience a close-knit group having shared a common challenge. But this experience reinforced in me that my skills did not include scouting.

True, we had great experience. But I knew that scouting would always be an obstacle for me. I enjoyed the camaraderie that comes from the experience. Yet there was no way the troop would succeed as a scout troop if I were its leader. So, the Sunday after we got back, I asked Bishop Carroll to release me as soon as possible.

He was reluctant to do so. He told me that the boys had never had such a good time with scouting. But I could read the writing on the wall. I had given it all I could. So, I was released. In less than two years I was working with the youth as Young Men’s President. That was where I belonged. 

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