Sunday, November 23, 2014

Summer Camp at Blackhawk – Day 1: The Prelude

So the day the of the summer camp finally arrived. It was not going to be a full week. Rather, it went from Wednesday through Saturday. On Wednesday, we did the following

  •   Arrive
  • Setup camp
  • Start the Environmental Science observations

The boys needed 30 hours of observation so we had to allow that in our plans. But, get real. Can you image a group of young, teen-age boys standing for 30 hours in some natural habitat documenting the flora and fauna? No way. So my job was to walk around visiting each little group of boys and pretending to find value in what the requirement stated. Mostly, we just chatted.

To help with the Cooking merit badge the boys had full responsibility for each meal. They planned the meals before we left. I went shopping with them to procure the food. Finally, they had to prepare each meal and clean up.

It was great having Burt there to help in this area. Not only did we avoid starving, we ate fairly well. The cool part was the preparing, cooking, and cleaning took time and planning so this became structured time that kept the boys involved.

We had a campfire that night and I tried to be my dad. But that didn’t go over well. Burt contributed much and the boys wanted to do skits. We had a reasonable good scouting time. But my real apprehension was brewing. The next day would bring Wilderness Survival to the forefront. Did I mention that I have camping?

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