Sunday, December 14, 2014

In the Beginning

So, it has been almost a year since I started this historical blog and I just noticed I have commented on different parts of my past but I have no cohesive form. I will now try to replace this chronologically chaotic stream of consciousness with a more sequential story. But, if I decide that is to constraining, I will once again bounce around as I see fit. Besides, this is my history.

I was born on Tuesday, June 28, 1960 at Mount Zion Hospital in San Francisco, CA. I am the third of five children. Matt (1957) and Nicki (1959) preceded me with Stacey (1965) and Rod (1967) completing our family.

When I was born, our family lived in Westlake district of Daly City, CA which is a suburb of San Francisco. I don’t remember anything about that house because we moved from there about six months after my birth to Fremont, CA. Our house in Fremont was located at 41955 Higgins Way. I lived there until I left on my mission and for six months after my mission. That would represent 19 years of my life. It was the only house I ever knew.

I was born with clubbed feet. I hear I had a severe case and the doctors fitted me with shoes connected to a bar that were used to reshape my legs while the bones were still malleable. They were largely successful in this endeavor while I am able to walk and function normally. But my feet are still crooked but I don’t even notice it.

The main reason why our family moved from Westlake to Fremont was because the three of us (Matt, Nicki, and me) were constantly sick. After mom became a frequent visitor at the pediatrician’s office, he suggested that mom and dad move more inland where there was a drier climate. Westlake is right on the Pacific Ocean and is constantly mired in fog.

I am not sure if our move to Fremont solved our health problems. My own experience has taught me that young kids simply get sick. Mom and dad had three young kids all in a row so that atomically meant that there would increase sickness. In fact, having three young kids means we all shared the same germs over and over. So moving may have mitigated some of the illnesses, but I am sure we blessed mom’s life with a steady stream of runny noses, ear infections, and croup to last her three lifetimes.

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