Monday, December 30, 2013

Burnt Meat and a Flood

One great memory that I have is when Grandpa Frank came down to stay with us while Mom and Dad went out of town. I don't remember where they went.
Anyway, Grandpa Frank decided to make us kids spaghetti. I remember we were all really excited to have Grandpa staying with us so we all got caught up playing with him that he forgot that the ground beef was on the stove and it burnt really bad. I think some of us tried to pick out some good pieces and add them to the spaghetti. Needless to say there was not much to go around.
I think that it was the same trip down to our house to watch us that a pipe burst in our basement and flooded it. I'm not sure if it was Sarah or Emily who, when they stood on the wet carpet for the first time, said "Did Grandpa wet the bed!"
Fun times in the Heiss home trying to clean that mess up.Wet carpet smell is so gross!

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  1. Those were two different trips. Your basement flooded not because a pipe broke but because we live on top of an underground river that has flooded many homes in our neighborhood. The basement flood happened close to Christmas.

    The burnt Hamburger Incident was a different time. Ever since that time, Grandpa would jokingly ask if he should make spaghetti and almost in unison all you kids would yell No!