Monday, December 30, 2013


It wasn't enough to have a dog named Clyde. Somehow we got a grey cat we named Daisy. Clyde lived outside and Daisy lived inside. She was a great cat. I am not sure why we named her Daisy, but why not? She was a cat. Seemed of good name even though daises are not grey.

About the same time Clyde was busy having “his” puppies, Daisy had a litter of kittens. So in a short amount of time our house became a zoo. We had a dog with five puppies, a cat with five kittens, and three hamsters (one for Matt, Nicki, and me).

As I was an animal lover, I was in heaven. I was surrounded by animals everywhere. It was great. Then, like a cruel bolt on lightening on a summer day, it was all ripped from me in an instant.


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