Monday, December 30, 2013

The Family Flag

I am not sure where Mom got the idea, but she came home from some event and proposed we create a family flag. You can see parts of the flag right behind me on that now famous picture. I remember we all took part in designing the flag and came with the following features.

  1. The name Heiss would display prominently at the top of the flag in a cool Germanic script.
  2. We would use the official Heiss crest on the flag to connect us to our German forefathers.
  3. The center of the flag would host a white tree to symbolize the Tree of Life. 
  4. Each family member would have their picture on the tree.
  5. Each family member would have an individual crest used to symbolize them.

Once the flag was done, Mom created an individual flag for each child that was the same color and shape but in only had Heiss at the top on our personal crest in the center.

For years I hung my flag in my room wherever I lived. It followed me to Germany, BYU, and to North Carolina. However, it haven't seen it for several years but I am confident I still have it somewhere.

I asked Mom if she knew where the master flag was and she can't remember. If anyone can remember its whereabouts, it would be cool to see it again. 

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